50 things to see and do in Beijing


Beijing is a city of contrasts in constant evolution in which it is very common to find large skyscrapers next to traditional houses. The first vision to reach the city is that of an extremely overcrowded city, with its more than 21 million inhabitants and with a lot of pollution. Although this may initially subtract some charm, we can assure you that there are so many incredible places, sure, this feeling will last a few minutes. Places like the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, the Temple of Heaven, taking a trip to the Great Wall of China or touring the ancient hutongs, makes it worthwhile to spend several days in the city. There are a lot of things what to see and what to do in Beijing, although we have chosen the ones we liked the most of the 5 days in Beijing that we spent on the trip to China in 25 days, in which we made a route from Beijing to Hong Kong, which we can say, was fascinating.

1. Smell incense in the Temple of the Lamas, a Tibetan Buddhist temple that was our first visit in Beijing and one of the ones we liked the most. You can book this ticket without queues in advance.
2. Go up to the Drum Tower to have Beijing at your feet and see the huge bronze bell, one of the best things to see in Beijing.
3. Haggle the price to a rickshaw driver and walk the hutongs or alleys with the traditional Chinese means of transport.
4. Make a dent between the Wangfujing market stalls to try the skewers of scorpions, snakes ...
5. Have a good lacquered duck for dinner at the Siji Minfu restaurant.
6. Visit the Forbidden City first thing in the morning, one of the wonders of Beijing. We recommend you book this ticket in advance to save yourself the long lines or this guided tour in Spanish to learn about its interesting history.

More things to see and do in Beijing

11. Have a good traditional tea at the Laoshe Teahouse in Qianmen.
12. Take the subway to visit the Olympic Village of Beijing at night with its incredible National Stadium, shaped like a bird's nest, and the National Aquatic Center.
13. Climb up to the Wancheng Ting Pavilion in Jingshan Park, also called the Coal Hill, with incredible views of the Forbidden City and one of the best things to see and do in Beijing.
14. Stroll through Art District 798, full of art galleries, fashion stores, restaurants, bookstores ... This is what is considered to be the bohemian area of ​​Beijing.
15. Take the excursion to the Great Wall, one of the essential places to visit in China. We recommend the Simatai and Jinshanling or Mutianyu sector, less restored and with much less people than the Badaling area.

Tiananmen Gate, one of the places to see in Beijing

46. ​​Go on a Saturday or Sunday to the market market of Panjiayuan, there you can find all kinds of crafts, antiques, Chinese paintings, calligraphy, vases ...
48. Eat delicious boiled and fried dumplings at Mr. Shi's Dumplings restaurant.
49. Take the subway to Nanluogu Xiang Street, a colorful shopping street full of original clothing stores, street food and a great atmosphere.
50. Beware of scams, both in illegal taxis, rickshaws, English learners who want to take you to try tea, improvised guides that tell you that a place is closed and take you to a store ... Surely if you don't fall anywhere these, you will be counting the days to return to Beijing.

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If you feel like helping us complete the list of 50 things to see and do in Beijing, add yours in the comments.